You're probably expecting me to tell you that I was BORN TO DO PHOTOGRAPHY, or that I was raised with a camera in my hand! Well that's a big fat NOPE! 

I found my passion for photography in high school, but didn't really think it was the way I wanted to go for a career at first. I started my college career at Alfred State and I went for veterinary technology. After I decided that I had failed Anatomy and Physiology enough times, I figured out that it wasn't what I wanted to do. I did a few years at Monroe Community College and got my Associates degree in Visual Communications. THEN I FINALLY ended my college career at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Professional Photographic Illustration.

When I'm not  behind the camera, I enjoy spending time with my little family! I have a rock of a fiancé, that is always pushing and motivating me to follow my dreams. I have two sassy but sweet little girls, who already have the world in the palms of their hands. I'm a hermit and I love spending quiet nights at home, with my feet up, binging the next greatest thing on Netflix. While I might like my quiet nights at home, you better believe that I'm going to be the first one on your dance floor TEARING IT UP with my MOM dance moves.

On the days that I'm not photographing weddings, I love being in my studio photographing fashion, beauty work and portraits! My personal photography work is extremely important to me.

Whether you're booking me for a portrait session or a wedding, I'm not just here to capture your memories, I fully intend on walking away with a friendship. My main goal is to always make you feel comfortable; I'll guide and support you. I want you to get excited about your session, or your wedding. I'm always trying to   to make the time you spend with me absolutely enjoyable. 

For more information on my work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch!

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